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Staff Credential

Child Care Standards

65C-22.001(6), Florida Administrative Code

The purpose of the staff credential requirement is to ensure individuals in child care programs have advanced their education and experience in order to provide developmentally appropriate care.

Child care personnel must complete the Florida Child Care Staff Credential Verification Application CF-FSP Form 5211, in order to verify they have met the qualifications. Verification will be documented on the Child Care Training Transcript, which is the only documentation used by licensing to determine compliance with the staff credential requirement.

To qualify for a staff credential, a child care professional must have one of the following:


National Early Childhood, Birth Through Five, and School-Age Child Care Staff Credentials must be renewed:


Apply Online!

Save Time and Apply Online!

Apply for your Staff Credential online via the Credential Application Portal (CAP).

Access the CAP by logging into your Child Care Training System Student Account.

For additional information, and to view a short demo video on how to apply online, visit the CAP web page.