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Director Credential VPK Director Endorsement

A private prekindergarten provider delivering the VPK program must have a director who has a VPK Director Endorsement consistent with section 1002.55(3)(g), Florida Statutes, and meets the requirements of Rule 6M-8.610, Florida Administrative Code.

Effective November 23, 2021 to receive a VPK Director Endorsement Credential, applicants must complete all requirements outlined below 1 - 6:

  1. A Florida Director Credential issued by the Florida Department of Children and Families
  2. Implementing the Florida Standards in Preschool Classroom: 3 Years Old to Kindergarten (VFSP or SPC3TK) - 5 Hour Online Course or 3 Hour Instructor-Led Course
  3. Emergent Literacy for VPK Instructors (VPK, VPKR, or VPK21) - 5 Hour Online Course
  4. VPK Director Credential (DVPK) - 5 Hour Online Course
  5. Mathematical Thinking for Early Learners (MATH) - 5 Hour Online Course
  6. Language and Vocabulary in the VPK Classroom (LVPK or LVPK21) - 5 Hour Online Course


The issuance of the VPK Director Endorsement will automatically appear on the Child Care Training Transcript upon completion of all six (6) requirements listed above.

Note: A private school administrator of a private prekindergarten program who holds a valid certificate in educational leadership issued by the Florida Department of Education as defined in Rule 6A-4.0082, F.A.C., satisfies the requirement for a prekindergarten director credential under section 1002.57, F.S.

  • Contact your ELC if you meet the above Educational Leadership requirements.

VPK Director Credential FAQs:

CERTIFICATIONS AND CREDENTIALS Level/Area/VPK Certificate Effective Date Expiration Date
Staff Credential Verification XXXX   XX/XX/XXXX XX/XX/XXXX
Director Credential VPK Endorsed   XX/XX/XXXX XX/XX/XXXX
  1. What will the VPK Director Credential look like on my training transcript?
    A: The VPK Director Credential is a combination of a DCF Director Credential and a VPK Endorsement. Upon completion of all requirements, your VPK Director Endorsement will appear on your transcript as displayed below:
  2. Who do I contact regarding the Educational Leadership requirements?
    A: Contact your Early Learning Coalition (ELC).
  3. Who do I contact regarding the VPK Director Credential? <
    A: Contact the Department of Education, Division of Early Learning at @email or call 1-866-447-1159.
  4. Who do I contact regarding registering for courses and my training transcript?
    A: Login to your Child Care Training Student Account or call the Child Care Training Information Center at 1-888-352-2842.

Updated October 2022