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Formal Educational Qualifications

Child Care Standards
65C-22.001(6), and 65C-20.008(6), Florida Administrative Code


A child care professional using a formal education to meet the staff credential requirement, must have one of the following:

A). B.A., B.S. or advanced degree in ONE of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education/Child Development,
  • Pre-Kindergarten or Primary Education,
  • Preschool Education,
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly Home Economics/Child Development),
  • Exceptional Student Education,
  • Special Education,
  • Mental Disabilities,
  • Specific Learning Disabilities,
  • Physically Impaired,
  • Varying Exceptionalities,
  • Emotional Disabilities,
  • Visually Impaired,
  • Hearing Impaired,
  • Speech-Language Pathology, or
  • Elementary Education with certification to teach any age birth through 6th grade (certification may be inactive provided the certificate is not suspended/revoked).

B). A.S., A.A. degree or higher in Early Childhood Education/Child Development

C). Associate's degree or higher WITH at least six (6) college credit hours in early childhood education/child development AND at least 480 hours experience in a child care setting serving children ages birth through eight (8).

Degrees must be earned from an accredited institution.

If a college degree is earned outside the U.S., it must be evaluated by an approved credential evaluation agency approved by the Bureau of Educators Certification or an accredited college/university to be equivalent to a U.S. degree.

Staff credentials met through formal education qualifications do not expire.

 Download a copy of the Florida Child Care Staff Credential Application, CF-FSP 5211, October 2017.