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You can also report Human Trafficking to local authorities

What is
Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a crime that involves exploitation of a person using force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of forced labor and/or commercial sex. If the sex trafficking victim is under the age of 18, it is human trafficking regardless of whether force, fraud and/or coercion was used. This is called commercial sexual exploitation of a child (CSEC).

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Signs of
Human Trafficking:

• Frequent, unexplained school absences
• Running away from home
• Unexplained bruises or scars
• Withdrawn behavior, anxiety, or fear
• Signs of drug addiction



Recognizing Human Trafficking

How to Protect
Your Children

Reduce the risk to your child being targeted by traffickers:
• Develop and maintain open communication
• Monitor on-line and social media activities
• Know your child’s friends, locations, and activities



How to Report



Report Abuse Online

Web reporting should not be used for situations requiring immediate attention. Please contact the Hotline’s toll free reporting number if you believe a child or vulnerable adult is at imminent risk of harm. Gather all of your information in advance and select one of the web reporting options.

Report Abuse Online

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