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Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program Quality Control Process

Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency
Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program Quality Control Process

Thank you for visiting the Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency (ESS) Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Quality Control Webpage. If you received a letter in the mail regarding your SNAP case being reviewed by Quality Control, the questions and answers below will provide you with information regarding the Quality Control process. 

The SNAP Quality Control Unit performs reviews for households receiving SNAP benefits and measures the program for correct eligibility determinations and payment accuracy (the amount of SNAP benefits approved per household).

Data collected by the Quality Control staff is analyzed and used for future program improvements.

    What is SNAP Quality Control?

    SNAP Quality Control is the process for reviewing SNAP cases that is required by federal law.

    The SNAP Quality Control process reviews two components:
          1. Your household is receiving the correct amount of SNAP benefits; and
          2. The Department processed your case timely.

    Who are SNAP Quality Control reviewers?

    SNAP Quality Control reviewers are Department of Children and Families employees.

    Why was my case chosen by Quality Control?

    Cases are randomly selected for a Quality Control review. Your case was not chosen for Quality Control because you did anything wrong.

    Do I have to participate in the review?

    Yes – If your case was chosen for a Quality Control review, you are required to cooperate with the review.

    We understand that the review could be an inconvenience to you, but you are required to participate if your case was randomly selected. If you refuse to cooperate with a Quality Control review, your SNAP case will be sanctioned and you will not be eligible for SNAP benefits until you complete the review.

    What happens during a Quality Control review?

    First, a Quality Control reviewer will review your case, including reviewing documentation you provided on your SNAP application. Then, the reviewer will conduct an interview with you and request information from you to ensure your household is receiving the correct amount of SNAP benefits. Once all information has been provided the case review will be completed.

    Why does Quality Control need to do an interview?

    Quality Control rules set by the federal government require an interview. If your monthly SNAP benefits are $100 or less, the interview will be completed over the phone; however, households that receive more than $100 monthly require an in person interview with the Quality Control reviewer.

    In person interviews are scheduled at your local SNAP office. If you are unable to attend the scheduled interview, please notify Quality Control as soon as possible to reschedule. If you are unable to attend your interview at the the local office, you may request your interview be conducted at your home.

    To reschedule your interview or request a home interview, please contact Quality Control at: Phone: (850) 717-4332

    Reminder: If you do not participate in the SNAP Quality Control review, your SNAP case will be closed.

    What documents will I need to bring to the interview?

    The Quality Control analyst will inform you of what documents are needed.

    Please note, you may be asked for documents the Department has not previously requested.

    Common documents that may be requested:

    Proof of income: (Month(s) specified on Quality Control notice ONLY):
          •  Paystubs
          •  Self-employment (example: Work calendar or Tax Return)
          •  Social Security (example: Award Letter)
          •  Veterans’ benefits (example: Award Letter)
          •  Unemployment benefits  (example: Award Letter)  
          •  Child support  (direct pay statement or out of state court documents/online payment)
          •  Pensions (example: award letter)
          •  Dividends (example: bank statement)
          •  Interest received from a bank account(s).

    Proof of expenses: (Month(s) specified on Quality Control notice ONLY):
          •  Self-employment expenses
          •  Rent – Lease Agreement or Rent receipts. (Include landlord’s/leasing agent/property manager name, address, and phone number)
          •  Mortgage Statements
          •  Homeowners Association fees
          •  Home Insurance and taxes
          •  Utilities: Electric, Gas, Phone, Water, etc.… (examples: FPL, Clay Electric, GRU, TECO),
          •  Child support payments: Copy of court order, and proof of paying court ordered Child Support
          •  Childcare costs: Childcare facility receipt, statement from person providing care
          •  Medical Expenses: receipts and bills for anyone in the home over the age of 60 or disabled
          •  Household composition: Verification of who resides in household. (Household composition form or the name, address, and phone              number of 2 people, not related to anyone in the home, we can speak to about who lives in your home.)

    ** Any statement(s) written by a second party, MUST include: a name, date, mailing address, telephone number, their relationship to you (examples: Friend, Mother, Co-Worker), and signature.

    How can I send my documents to Quality Control?

    You will bring the documentation to your scheduled interview, but you may be asked to submit additional documentation to Quality Control following your interview.  If additional documents are required, you can text or email your assigned Quality Control Agent directly or provide the documentation via fax or mail to the contact information listed below.  You can also upload the documentation to your MyACCESS account (ACCESS - Login Page (

    Please note, the email address below is only for submitting Quality Control documents.

    Email: (Quality Control documents ONLY):

    Fax: (Quality Control documents ONLY):

    Mailing Address:
    Access Central Mail Center
    P.O. Box 1770
    Ocala, FL 34478-1770

    What if I have more questions?

    If you have been contacted by Quality Control for a review, and have any questions about the process, you may call the Quality Control Unit at (850) 717-4332

    Warning: Households that do not cooperate with Quality Control may have their SNAP case terminated and future benefits denied until the review is completed.