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Birth Through Five Child Care Credential

Child Care Standards
65C-22, and 65C-20, Florida Administrative Code

A child care professional using a birth through five child care credential to meet the staff credential requirement, must have one of the following:

Florida Department of Children and Families Birth Through Five Credential Training Program (FCCPC)

The FCCPC Birth Through Five is a department-approved training program that consists of a minimum of 120 hours of early childhood instruction and 480 contact hours with children ages birth through eight (8).

Find an approved Birth Through Five FCCPC training provider.

Florida Department of Education Child Care Apprenticeship Certificate (CCAC)

This credential is a Birth through Five Child Care Credential issued by the Florida Department of Education and recognized as a Staff Credential.

The Apprenticeship Certificate designates a student as a Child Development Specialist – students complete all Early Childhood Professional Certificate requirements within the Apprenticeship Program.

View a list of approved programs for Florida Association of Child Apprenticeship – Child Care Development Specialist.

Question: How will my initial FCCPC, ECPC, or CCAC be reflected on my DCF Child Care Training Transcript?
     Answer: Your training provider will submit the information to the Department when you have completed all of the program requirements.

The Birth Through Five Child Care Credentials (FCCPC, ECPC, and CCAC) must be renewed every five years.

Download a copy of the Florida Child Care Staff Credential Application, CF-FSP 5211, March 2009 for information on renewal requirements.

View information regarding acceptable CEUs for renewing the Birth Through Five Credential.