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Competency Exams Frequently Asked Questions

Child Care Standards

65C-22.001(6) and 65C-20.008(6), Florida Administrative Code

Passage of competency exams with a score of 70 or higher are required for successful completion of the introductory training for child care personnel, family day care home operators, and large family child care home operators and employees.

Important Links

Child Care Competency Exam Fact Sheet (English) (Spanish) includes important information about competency exams including scheduling, costs and payments, cancellation policies, required forms of identification, and special accommodations.

    Where are the exams offered?

    The exams are offered at approved exam sites throughout the Contact your local child care training coordinators with questions regarding exam sites.

    How often are exams offered?

    Exams are offered a minimum of two (2) Saturdays per month with many areas of the state offering exams on other days as To view exam availability, log into your Child Care Training System account, verify your demographics, and select the “Competency Exam Enroll” option from the Personal Menu.

    Do you have to register to take an exam?

    Yes, you must register prior to taking a competency exam. Exams must be scheduled at least seven (7) days prior to the date you wish to take the exam. Exams registration is limited so it is important to register early. Once an exam site is full, no additional registrations will be allowed.

    Do you have to take a training course before taking an exam?

    For online and instructor-led courses, you have one opportunity to be exempted from taking the course before you take the exam. If you do not pass the exemption exam, you must complete the course before you can retake the exam.  Please keep in mind, you must pay for each exam attempt. Enrollment of exemption exams is included in the online process. Exams eligible for exemption are highlighted in green in the enrollment process.  Registration for child care exemption exams must be made online through your student account.

    Once you complete a course, how many times can you take the exams?

    There is no limit to the number of times you can take the exam once you complete the course. However, please keep in mind you must pay for each exam attempt.

    Where do you find information about your scheduled competency exam?

    Your Exam Confirmation Letter provides information about your scheduled competency exam, including the date, time, location, directions to the exam site, and information about the identification requirements.

    You can find your Exam Confirmation Letter by logging into your student account and selecting “Exam Confirmation Letters” from your personal menu.

    What should I bring to my competency exam?

    Please bring your Exam Confirmation Letter along with your signed Code of Conduct.

    Who do you contact for competency exam questions related to your specific exam?

    The Exam Confirmation Letter on your transcript should answer most of your questions; however, local child care training coordinators can assist you with specific questions regarding your competency exam, payment arrangements, and special accommodations.

    I understand the exams are offered in only English and Spanish. Is there any assistance available for students taking the exams whose primary language is neither English nor Spanish?

    Students whose primary language is neither English nor Spanish may use a pocketsize paperback foreign language translation dictionary during the exam. The translation dictionary must be in a language other than the language in which the test is being administered.

    If I fail a competency exam, can I see what questions I missed?

    No, you cannot view missed questions. Exam questions are kept confidential.

    Will I receive a certificate for passing an exam?

    No, you will not receive a certificate. When a competency exam is passed, your DCF transcript will automatically update to reflect your completion of the training course.

    If I do not cancel an exam session on time or do not show up to the exam, what happens?

    Child Care Personnel must cancel scheduled exams online at least seven (7) days prior to the exam date and receive a credit to use towards the same competency exam within the same county at a future date. To cancel an exam seven (7) days prior, log into your student account and select “Unenroll from Exams” on your personal menu.