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Florida Statutes, Rules, and Operating Procedures

The main governing statue for child welfare is Chapter 39, Florida Statutes (F.S.). 

Child welfare also uses Chapter 435, F.S., and portions of Chapter 402, F.S., as follows:

  • 402.04 – Award of scholarships and stipends: disbursement of funds; administration
  • 402.22 – Education program for students who reside in residential care facilities operated by the Department of Children and Families or the Agency for Persons with Disabilities
  • 402.26 – 402.33 addresses child care and licensing requirements (Note: the Department does not actually provide child care but does license the facilities that provide the care and has the right to appeal an action taken regarding licensing
  • 402.403 - Child Protection and Child Welfare Personnel Tuition Exemption Program
  • 402.404 - Child Protection and Child Welfare Personnel Student Loan Forgiveness Program

And Chapters 409, F.S., as follows:

  • 409.1454 – Motor Vehicle Insurance and Driver Licenses for Children in Care
  • 409.153 – Implementation of Healthy Families Florida program
  • 409.1676 Comprehensive residential group care services to children who have extraordinary needs
  • 409.1678 – Specialized residential options for children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation

Rules covering child welfare can be found in 65C, Florida Administrative Code.

Child welfare program operating procedures are covered in CFOP in the 175 Family Safety (old) series and 170 Child Welfare (new) series; as CFOPs are re-written, they are being migrated from the 175 to the 170 series.