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Alarm Manufacturing Companies

The following is the final list of approved alarm manufacturing companies for child care facilities and large family child care homes who provide transportation for children. Pursuant to Senate Bill 252, child care facilities and large family child care homes are required to have alarm systems installed in every vehicle used to transport children by January 1, 2022.

The Office of Child Care Regulation’s provision of the below list of manufacturers does not constitute an express or implied endorsement of any of the listed companies or their products. This is a list of manufacturing companies that meet the minimum requirements. As required by Senate Bill 252, the Department of Children and Families must adopt minimum safety standards for reliable alarm systems and maintain a list of alarm manufacturers and alarm systems that are approved to be installed in vehicles.

Options for installation companies will not be provided. Providers are to follow the installation and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturing company.

  1. Doran Manufacturing

    Website: Doran (
    Phone Number: (866) 816-7233
    Product Type: SCC-AM-00

  1. Ride N Remind

    Website: Welcome - Ride and Remind (
    Phone Number: 1-877-987-8877
    Product Type: Ride N Remind System REV2.1

  1. ATWEC

    Website: ATWEC KV-3 Child Reminder System
    Phone Number: (901) 435-6849 or (901) 289-2621
    Product Type: KV-3 or KV-4

  1. Child Check-Mate System, Inc.

    Phone Number: 1-877-494-8222
    Product Type: A007 ETW + AC01

  1. RTI Bus Scan

    Phone Number: (800) 825-8273
    Product Type: Bus Scan 300

  1. DST America

    Phone Number: (415) 910-8677
    Product Type: Kopilot Child Care 2020R501