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Performance Measures

Child Welfare Dashboard
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The public release of the Child Welfare Dashboard is part of the Department’s Child Welfare Results-Oriented Accountability implementation initiative. These dashboards provide the public access to an interactive dashboard experience utilizing Tableau visualization software that includes a home page that offers child welfare statistics at a glance where users can then interface deeper into current and historical data on topics that include allegations accepted by the Florida Abuse Hotline for child protective investigation, children that are included in protective investigations, children that receive services, child removal rates, children entering and leaving out-of-home care, as well as a wide array of performance metrics.

CBC Scorecard
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The CBC Scorecard was developed in conjunction with the Community-Based Care lead agencies across the state. These nonprofit organizations contract with the state to handle all prevention, foster care, adoption and Independent Living services to children and families in the child welfare system. The scorecard evaluates the lead agencies on 12 key measures to determine how well they are meeting the most critical needs of these at-risk children and families.

Federal Child Welfare Indicators
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The United States Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families' Children's Bureau developed a series of seven (7) statewide data indicators for the Safety and Permanency of children involved with state child welfare agencies. While the actual performance on these measures are calculated by the Children's Bureau using Florida's semi-annual data submissions (AFCARS), the Department of Children and Families' Office of Child Welfare has provided this report for child welfare practitioners and others to see how the Department is performing on more than the statewide annual basis provided by the Children's Bureau. Note that this data uses a more robust and recent set of data than Florida’s AFCARS submission, as such the information will not exactly match the information reported by the Children’s Bureau.

CPI Scorecard
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The CPI scorecard is used to measure the standards of our child protective investigations across our regions. Child Protective Investigators investigate allegations of abuse, neglect and abandonment of children across the state. This scorecard looks at six important measures to ensure a quick response time, appropriate case reviews and successful outcomes for children and families.

Adult Protective Services Scorecard

The Adult Protective Services Scorecard was developed to indicate the performance of the APS Program. The Scorecard will be updated monthly with the most current data available for each measure.

Mental Health Treatment Facilities Scorecard

The Mental Health Treatment Facilities Scorecard was developed in conjunction with the seven facilities throughout the State that serve adults with mental illnesses who have been admitted for intensive inpatient treatment. Measures were selected that promote competency restoration, personal recovery and the safety of the individuals served in civil and forensic settings.