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DCF Training

COVID-19 Requirements for use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This directive applies to team members conducting in-person, frontline activities, including Adult Protective Investigators, Child Protective Investigators, Child Care Regulation and Department licensing staff. This guidance aligns with CDC recommendations and is recommended for all staff throughout the system of care who are conducting in-person contacts.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Video.

PPE is equipment that protects workers against health and safety hazards. This module is intended to inform DCF employees on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) procedures in accordance with established CDC guidelines.

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Child Welfare COVID-19 Guidance for CPI and API Frontline Team Members

General Guidance for CPI and API Frontline Team Members, outlines procedures for conducting field visits in the safest manner as recommended by the CDC and DOH. These guidelines should be followed at all times.

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Child Welfare COVID-19 Guidance Methods for 30 Day Visits

Methods for 30-Day Visits, provides guidance from the Office of Child Welfare and alternative methods to meet the 30-day requirement.

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HIPAA Information and Action

This course provides a brief overview of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This training is required yearly.

Approximate time to complete the course: 12 minutes.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment for ALL Employees

This course has been developed to inform all non-DCF employees of their responsibilities under the Department’s Zero-Tolerance Sexual Harassment Policy.

Approximate time to complete the course: 25 minutes.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and Managers

Please note that Preventing Sexual Harassment for All Employees is a prerequisite for to this course. 

Approximate time to complete the course: 20 minutes.

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Assisted Living Facilities with a Limited Mental Health License

Section 429.075, F.S., requires an assisted living facility that serves one or more mental health residents to obtain a limited mental health license.

Immediately upon completion of the course, a post-test is offered and upon passage, a certificate of completion is electronically generated.

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Grant Writing Training

The Center @ USF, in collaboration with DCF, offered Grant Writing training for all levels. The training provided an understanding of the overall process for seeking and applying for grant funding.

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Security Awareness Training

This course provides a brief overview of the Department's rules and guidelines concerning computer security.

Approximate time to complete the course: 23 minutes.

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Service Delivery for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

The Department ensures that auxiliary aids and services are provided for those customers and companions who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

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Child Care Training

Learn about child care training, personnel requirements, director credentials and how to register for training classes in your area.

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ACCESS Self Service Portal Training

This training has been developed to help Customers and Staff in using the Self Service Portal System.

ACCESS Civil Rights Training

This course is mandatory for all SNAP-Ed, SNAP Outreach staff, and all ACCESS Community Partners who receive funding from the Department. At the end of the course, staff may print and sign their certificate of completion.

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ACCESS Going Paperless: E-mail Notifications and Online Notices

ACCESS Customers can hear about the benefits of going paperless and learn how to opt-in to the electronic notification process.

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Remote Check-In for ACCESS Customers


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Voters Registration Training for Community Partners

This training has been developed to inform you of the Department’s responsibilities as they relate to Voter Registration as well as explain the role Community Partners play in assisting our clients and the Department.

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