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Incident Reporting and Analysis System (IRAS) - Who Must Report

Providers Who Must Report Critical Incidents to IRAS

The following types of providers are required to report critical incidents via the IRAS System:

  • Managing Entities (MEs)
    Managing Entities (MEs) must submit incident reports to IRAS on behalf of their subcontracted substance abuse and mental health (SAMH) providers. Contracted SAMH providers include contracted substance abuse and contracted mental health providers, as well as contracted providers who offer both types of services.

  • Licensed Substance Abuse Providers
    Licensed Substance Abuse providers includes all providers who are licensed to provide substance abuse prevention and treatment under Chapter 397, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 65D-30, Florida Administrative Code, whether or not they serve DCF clients and whether or not they are contracted by the DCF. This is required by subsection 65D-30.004 (27), F.A.C., as a condition of licensure.

Private (non-contracted) designated receiving facilities are NOT required to submit incidents to IRAS unless they are licensed by the Department as substance abuse providers.

State mental health treatment facilities (state hospitals) are NOT required to submit incidents to IRAS.