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Children's Mental Health

Project LAUNCH - Materials

Protective Factors Poster
protective factors poster

This poster is intended for families. It displays the protective factors and how they can be easily applied in lives of all families. Protective factors, when present, is a proven way to keep families strong and promote a successful future for children.

Children’s Mental Health and Caregiver Depression Flier
children's mental health flier

This flier is intended to increase awareness among providers around the issues of caregiver depression and children’s mental health. This flier also promotes the use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3 and ASQ: SE-2).

Project LAUNCH Passport
project launch passport

This passport is intended to be used as a tool for caregivers to keep record of the different providers who are providing services to their families. There is space for names and phone numbers so that when another provider asks about the other services being receiving, the caregiver will be able to use this booklet to relay accurate information. 

Male Leadership Development Toolkit