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Children's Mental Health

Project LAUNCH - Environmental Scan

mother and child


Environmental Scan describes the landscape of systems, programs and other resources currently available, the process used for conducting the environmental scan and the resulting themes that emerged across the regions. The issues affecting Florida families are layered and complex and call for integrated, collaborative approaches. Completion of this environmental scan highlights critical areas of needs, gaps in services, duplication of efforts, and successes in the early childhood system that will be used to address challenges facing young children, birth to age eight, and their families. The intent is to provide an overview of the early childhood system and related issues in Florida from a State‐level perspective, and identify opportunities to support the development of a comprehensive, family‐centered public health approach for children birth to eight and their families. This report is a “living document,” and will most likely be modified over the course of the Project to reflect changes in the systems and supports that address the well‐being of children and families throughout the State and the Project LAUNCH target area, Lealman Corridor.

Environmental Scan