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State Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Northeast Florida State Hospital (NEFSH)

Things to Know

Things to Know

  • Tobacco Free Campus (no tobacco products are allowed)
  • Cashless Society (Funds are deposited into the Mirage Bank on campus)
  • Please leave valuable property at home.
  • Upon admission, please keep personal belongings to a minimum.
  • Many common personal items may be considered contraband (not allow on campus) or controlled access. Please ask if you are unsure about an item.
  • Individuals are provided 3 meals daily along with designated snacks.
  • Friendship Café is another food option, but items must be purchased with personal fund through the Mirage Bank. Indigent funds are available for those who qualify.
  • Mail to and from individuals are encouraged. Postage is paid for by the individual  unless the individual is declared indigent.
  • Personal telephone use is available on a limited basis (outside treatment hours). Cellphones are not allowed.
  • We encourage families to contact the Social Services Department prior to visiting their loved ones.
  • Basic toiletry supplies, laundry soap and clothing are provided by the hospital.
  • Barber and beautician services are available on campus.

If more information is needed on any of the above topics, please contact the Customer Relations Department 904-330-2227. You may also request a copy of The Standards of Community Living which residents receive upon admission.