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State Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Northeast Florida State Hospital (NEFSH)


Mission Statement: Provide comprehensive mental health recovery services to ensure timely transition to the community.

Northeast Florida State Hospital (NEFSH) is located in the city of Macclenny, Florida, 35 miles west of Jacksonville. NEFSH has provided continuous service to persons with severe and persistent mental illness since 1959. As a recipient of the Governor's Sterling Award for Organizational Performance Excellence, numerous Productivity Awards, and continual accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 2009, facility staff is ever mindful of the mission to provide comprehensive mental health treatment services to ensure timely and appropriate transition to the community.

The facility is funded for 613 beds and is one of three state owned facilities providing inpatient psychiatric care and treatment to civil and forensic committed individuals in Florida. Referrals are based upon community and regional priorities for admission. NEFSH provides 24-hour residential care which includes treatment, housing and meals, access to treatment professionals, care of physical health needs, transportation and psychotropic medications.

Linda G. Williams

Based on standards of care for general health concerns, recovery planning standards, and best practices in psychosocial rehabilitation, recovery at NEFSH is addressed through a person-centered approach. Upon admission, a service plan is developed to guide treatments during the person's stay at NEFSH. The plan includes comprehensive evaluations and assessments, clinical observations, the strengths, needs, and desires of the individual and their long-term view. Psychosocial rehabilitation centers, referred to as the Treatment Mall and Recovery Centers on the NEFSH campus, focus on therapeutic interventions designed to develop and/or enhance skills necessary for problem solving, building and maintaining social relationships, and functional life skills necessary for successful community living.

For more information, call Linda G. Williams, Hospital Administrator, at 904-330-2001.