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Safety Considerations

If you are experiencing domestic violence, you may want to consider developing a safety plan.

Things to consider:

  • What strategies or actions have worked in the past to keep safe? Will they work in your current situation?
  • Is there someone you can go if you need to escape quickly?
  • Is it safe to involve the police or a trusted friend?
  • Is it possible you are being followed, stalked or tracked through your mobile device or social media accounts? Consider having your phone examined if you think that is the case.
  • Do you have an emergency bag of important papers, emergency supplies and finances if you need to leave in a hurry?
  • Have you talked about your plan with anyone? Who is safe to share your ideas with?
  • Have you called a domestic violence hotline to talk with someone who understands domestic violence and can help you come up with your plan and provide resources?

If children are involved, consider their safety as well.

  • Pack a bag for children that includes a change of clothing, a stuffed animal, diaper/wipes or items you may need for quick escape.
  • Consider speaking to the school about safety concerns.
  • Talk to the children about technology safety when using devices that can be tracked. For example, making sure all GPS is turned off any devices they may be using.