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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Publications

Teen Dating Abuse: What teens need to know if you are experiencing harm, causing harm, or want to help a friend

Dating Matters: Strategies to Promote Healthy Relationships (CDC)

Preventing Teen Dating (CDC, 2021)

Domestic Violence: A Primer for Child Welfare Professionals (CWIG/Children's Bureau, 2020)

Stalking an Intimate Partner Violence Fact Sheet (SPARC)

Intimate Partner Violence and Child Trauma

Common Differences Between Anger Management and Batterer Intervention Programs

Child Protection in Families Experiencing Domestic Violence (2018)

Trauma-Informed Care for Children Exposed to Violence Tips for Child Welfare Staff

Preventing Teen Dating Abuse (CDC)

Relationships, Safety, and Violence (Office on Women's Health)

Preventing Intimate Partner Violence (CDC, 2017)

10 Tips to Have an Informed Conversation about Domestic Violence (NNEDV, 2017)

Checklist to Promote Perpetrator Accountability in Dependency Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Child Witnesses to Domestic Violence (CWIG, 2016)

Domestic Violence and the Child Welfare System (CWIG, 2014)

Effects of Violence on Children

Guide for Engaging and Supporting Parents Affected by Domestic Violence (NCDVTMH, 2016)

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children - Fact Sheet Series (NCTSN, 2014)

Meeting the Needs of Families Affected by Co-occurring Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence (NRCAIA, 2015)

Teen Dating Abuse and Harassment in the Digital World (Urban Institute, 2013)

Responding to Stalking: A Guide to Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Programs

Stalking Fact Sheet