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Circuit 6 Circuit 6 Tools for New Staff

This page is dedicated to the service workers on the front lines of our system of care. The below links will provide you with ongoing trainings and resources to help you navigate the local child welfare system. Each subsection will address specific areas of field case work, and overcoming barriers our system of care. This page is designed to be of particular use to new workers. We have compiled videos and step by step tutorials that are designed to walk you through the specific processes of our Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN) electronic record system. As you continue to scroll, you will also find helpful resource links to various national organizations, Local providers, and the Department of Children and Families.

If you have any suggestions for a topic or resource that you would like to see developed or uploaded onto the site, please contact us.

We want to thank you for your continued dedication to the children and families of Pinellas & Pasco County!

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