Background Screening

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific to Web Portal

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What is the purpose of registering for the Web Portal?

The purpose of the Portal is to provide caretaker providers with the ability to independently view and print the results for all facility screening completed within the last 90 days, including Public Record documentation.

You will be able to view and print screening details (results) twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

You will be able to search for screening results for prospective employees screened by other providers, as well as applicants screened for your facility without the required OCA number; missing OCA results can still be accessed on the Portal.

After registering for the Portal, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Portal User Guide. You will find the Guide posted on the Portal Home Page.

What information will I need to have at-hand to register for the Portal?

You must have already been assigned a provider/facility *OCA number before you may register for the Portal. The OCA number is a number unique to your facility. To register for the Portal, you must provide your OCA number, as well as your first and last name and business email address.

*If you have not, yet, been assigned a provider OCA number, please click on the link titled Contact Us and provide us with descriptive and contact information for your program.

Can multiple staff members, of one facility (provider), be granted Portal access?

Yes. Multiple employees, of the same facility (provider), can register for the Portal. Each employee is required to provide the same information to request Portal access (i.e. OCA number, first and last name and business email address).

What is the best way to remember my user name for Portal access?

As a rule, your user name is your last name, hyphen, first name (ex. doe-jane) and should all be in lower case (no capitals).

However, if your organization requires you to access multiple accounts at one or multiple locations, then each user name, after the first account is registered, will include the digit 1 after your first name. In such cases, the second account will include the digit 1; the third account will include a digit 2, etc. (ex. doe-jane1; doe-jane2)..

What must I remember about creating my password?

Passwords must be 8 – 20 characters in length and must contain at least 1 letter and one number and one special character of your choice, such as the following: #, @ % ~ ? : !

After the first time I register, do I need to re-register again? What if I haven't used the Portal for a long time?

It is only necessary to register once. There is no need to repeat your registration, for any reason.

What if I forget my password? Must I always call the help line to reset my password?

If you forget your password, stop after the second failed attempt and click the field titled Forgot Password? You will be asked to enter your username (last name-first name) and answer a security question that you chose when initially registering for the Portal. It is important that you write down the answers to your security questions to ensure you have the correct answers to permit you to independently reset your password. Three failed password attempts will require you to contact the help line in order to reset your password.

What can I do if I cannot find results for an individual fingerprinted within the last 90 days?

There are two actions you can take to locate missing screening results.

  1. Background Screening Provider Search
    The Background Screening Provider Search permits you to search for an applicant who has been fingerprinted by another provider or find screening results that do not display under your provider account. However, results without a facility OCA are maintained and displayed in the agency Background Screening Missing OCA account. To determine if your missing results may be in the Missing OCA account, follow Background Screening Provider Search instructions (User Guide, pages 14 and 15) to search for your missing screening results. After entering the four (4) applicant identifiers (first and last name and date of birth and Social Security number). click on the Search button. Click on the applicant's name, highlighted in blue, and the Applicant Screening Detail will appear. If the provider (facility) name displays as Background Screening Missing OCA, your applicant was fingerprinted without your facility OCA number. You will, then, need to contact the Help line at 850-717-4454 to provide agency staff with your facility OCA number. Addition of your facility OCA number by Help line staff will, then, permit generation of a status letter that displays your facility's name and moves the screening results into your Portal account. You may, then, print the letter from the Applicant Screening Detail screen (page 7, Figure 4).
  2. Contact the Background Screening Help line at 850-717-4454
    If your Background Screening Provider Search (above) fails to produce any results for an applicant screened within the past 90 days, contact the Help line for assistance.

Can I look up screening results for an applicant screened by another facility within the past 90 days? If so, can I use those screening results to hire the applicant for my program?

A Portal user may look up a screening result for anyone printed within the past 90 days. To do so, follow the same instructions, above, to search for an applicant through the Background Screening Provider Search. As explained, above, you will need to enter the four (4) applicant identifiers (first and last name and date of birth and Social Security number). However, you will not be able to receive the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal History Public Record.

You may be able to use the letter of a cleared applicant, screened by another program, if the applicant met Level 2 screening standards for your program and there has not been a 90 day break in service (employment). It is recommended that prospective employers clarify the acceptance of a clearance, completed by another program, with the appropriate licensing agency.

What if an applicant was granted an exemption? Will I find a copy of a granted exemption letter on the Portal?

No. Information regarding an applicant's granted exemption will never appear on the Portal. Instead, the facility (provider) will receive a clearance letter from screening. The screening correspondence, for an exempted applicant, specifically identifies the date of the applicant's granted exemption, as well as the applicant's most recent screening date.

What does the Fingerprints Rejected result mean?

When an applicant's fingerprints cannot be read by the FBI, the print results are classified as rejected. A second set of prints is required by the FBI. The facility (provider) needs to print the rejection letter from the Portal. The applicant must take the rejection letter to the same livescan vendor who will reprint the applicant. The rejection letter contains important information, including a unique code number that is needed in order to avoid additional payment for the reprinting. If the second set of prints, also, results in rejection, then the department is required to submit an applicant name search to the FBI. This is the responsibility of the agency, not the facility. The FBI routinely requires 30 to 45 days to complete a name search. When the department receives the FBI's completed name check results, then the eligibility determination will be posted on the Portal, by the department, for retrieval by the facility.