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Office of Inspector General

About Us

In accordance with § 20.055, F.S., an Office of Inspector General (OIG) is established in each state agency to provide a central point for coordination of and responsibility for activities that promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency in government. Though the Inspector General (IG) is under the general supervision of the agency head for administrative purposes, the IG reports directly to the Executive Office of the Governor Chief Inspector General (CIG) to maintain independence from the agency. The OIG is compromised of three sections: Appeal Hearings, Internal and Single Audit, and Investigations.

The OIG maintains total independence from the agency in order to accomplish the following assigned duties and responsibilities:

  • Advise in development of performance measures, standards, and procedures for evaluation of programs.
  • Assess the reliability and validity of information provided on performance measures and standards and make recommendations as needed.
  • Review actions taken to improve program performance and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Direct, supervise, and coordinate audits, investigations, and management reviews.
  • Conduct, supervise, and coordinate activities that promote economy and efficiency and prevent or detect fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Inform the CIG regarding fraud, abuses, and deficiencies and recommend corrective measures.
  • Ensure effective coordination and cooperation between the Auditor General, federal auditors, and other governmental entities.
  • Review rules relating to programs and operations and make recommendations regarding impact.
  • Ensure appropriate balance between audit, investigative, and other accountability activities.
  • Comply with the Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General as published and revised by the Association of Inspectors General.