DCF Special Review – Jordan Belliveau

For Immediate Release: January 16, 2019

DCF Special Review – Jordan Belliveau

The comprehensive analysis and review of the child welfare system involvement related to Jordan Belliveau is available here. Confidential information is redacted per section 39.202, Florida Statutes, and HIPAA.

Statement from Department of Children and Families Secretary Chad Poppell:
Reviewing the events that led up to Jordan’s death is incredibly saddening. Despite multiple opportunities, no one changed his circumstances. DCF policies were not followed, communication throughout the process was poor, and several clear warning signs were missed. There were even specific concerns raised that were not acted upon. This report should be a call to action for the entire child welfare system, and I intend to treat it as one.

In Pinellas County, all child protective investigation functions are handled by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, children’s legal services are handled by the Office of the State Attorney, and case management is contracted by the community-based care lead agency, Eckerd Connects. The department has no jurisdiction to conduct child protective investigations in Pinellas County and had no direct involvement with this child.

The department will take additional actions related to the findings of the report, including:

  • conducting a comprehensive assessment of the Pinellas County child welfare system to determine if the missed opportunities in this case are prevalent throughout the local system of care;
  • requiring Eckerd to submit a corrective plan to immediately identify and address case management deficiencies and remedy coordination and collaboration issues among all participants of the child welfare system in Pinellas County. The plan must include a review of procedures for cases where a new investigation is opened during an open case management services case, caseload for case managers, court attendance, provider coordination, and successful case closure. Failure to adequately and timely complete corrective action could result in contract termination; and
  • strengthening DCF’s mandated requirements regarding the activities child protective investigators are required to initiate when new abuse reports are received for children who are in care of the child welfare system.

Contact: DaMonica R. Smith, DCF Press Secretary, DaMonica.Smith@myflfamilies.com