Independent Living Services Advisory Council Conference Call Meeting

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00
Conference Call Meeting
Tallahassee  Florida  32399
United States

Conference Call Meeting Attendees Council Members DCF Administrative Support Other Representatives Refer to Membership Roster Brandie McCabe

Agenda Topics Welcome – Jeff DeMario, ILSAC Chair Purpose of the meeting is to primarily plan for April’s meeting on the 18th from 10-12. It was noted that Dominic Watson has interest in transitioning to the role of ILSAC Chair and Shang (Adam) Gigliotti is taking over the role of Vice Chair. Jeff will continue to assist in meeting logistics along with Brandie (Department). The goal for April is to have a full understanding of Aftercare Services and make recommendations at the conclusion of the meeting. The Council will receive a presentation to include relevant Florida Statute and Florida Administrative Code (application included) coordinated by ChildNet. If the CBC and/or their subcontracted agencies have specific policies and procedures addressing Aftercare Services, they should present on that as well. The additional information will be valuable for understanding how the services are implemented. Another presentation on applicable data will be provided by the Department. The Council acknowledges that the data available is limited. A recommendation was made to also include lack of housing as a topic for further discussion. It was acknowledged that there is a lack of supportive housing statewide. Looking for solutions to this issue may expand outside the scope of the Council however housing needs to be considered in the context of reviewing the implementation and operation of independent living services. Recommendations to explore host homes or families that are unlicensed but willing to take young adults into their homes is needed. It was expressed as a potential solution to be reviewed at a more localized level.

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