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Keith Parks, Inspector General

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Mission: "Enhancing Public Trust In Government"

Welcome to the Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) web site. In our efforts to enhancing public trust in government, our website contains all issued audits and investigations since 2004. Just click on publications and begin your search.

If you are interested in having Investigations Outreach training, click on the OIG Investigations Unit Brochure.


Thorough, independent, and objective, the Inspector General's (IG) office is an integral part of the Children and Families team. All IG staff serves the taxpayer as a team of dedicated professionals. Because the citizens of Florida deserve no less than our very best, our goal is to continually improve the system.

Core Values

The core values that contributes to the Office of Inspector General’s foundation.

Initiate a Formal Complaint

If you have knowledge that a DCF employee(s) or service provider has committed a wrongdoing, such as falsification of records, fraud, waste, or mismanagement of State personnel, equipment, or monies, this link will allow you to submit that information. Your complaint will be reviewed by the Office of Inspector General Investigations Unit and will either be investigated or sent to the appropriate office for handling.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Training 

Learn more about the role of the IG, the appropriate use of ARRA funds, and your responsibilities as an employee.

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Publications and Reports

Publications and reports issued by the organizational units within the Office of the Inspector General.

OIG Investigations Unit Brochure

An explanation of the Inspector General's role, as it relates to the Department's management functions.

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